A Significant Severe Weather Event is Forecast Today and/or Tonight
GWES has activated Special Coverage Mode due to the potential for a significant severe weather event today and/or tonight. Please monitor weather conditions closely and listen for later statements and possible warnings. Please view the SPC Day 1 Outlook and the NWS Website for further information.
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There are no active alerts.
Recently Expired Alerts
RWT sent at 5/19/2024 10:08:00 PM (UTC) by KLT expired 59 minutes ago
A broadcast or cable system has issued A REQUIRED WEEKLY TEST for the following counties or areas: Hernando; Polk; Hillsborough; Pinellas; Pasco; Manatee; Sarasota, FL; at 6:08 PM on MAY 19, 2024 Effective until 6:23 PM. Message from KLT SAGE. 
Additional alert information
Originator FIPS Codes Start Time End Time Severity
EAS 012053, 012105, 012057, 012103, 012101, 012081, 012115 5/19/2024 10:08:00 PM (UTC)
an hour ago
5/19/2024 10:23:00 PM (UTC)
59 minutes ago