RMT sent at 5/15/2024 4:46:00 PM (UTC) by KLT expired 4 days ago
A civil authority has issued A REQUIRED MONTHLY TEST for the following counties or areas: Shasta, CA; at 12:46 PM on MAY 15, 2024 Effective until 1:46 PM. Message from KLT. THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM FOR SHASTA COUNTY. IN THE EVENT OF AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY, TUNE TO THIS STATION FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION. 
Additional alert information
Originator FIPS Codes Start Time End Time Severity
CIV 006089 5/15/2024 4:46:00 PM (UTC)
4 days ago
5/15/2024 5:46:00 PM (UTC)
4 days ago